About our lessons

Our lessons include practicing and learning the short form and long form, the sword form, partner exercises and techniques within the framework of the Cheng Man Ch'ing tradition. At the same time, as far as the shape of these forms permits, the participants will be familiarized with aspects of the internal energetic performance of the forms, especially in the way of movement.

Advanced T'ai Chi students can increasingly turn to study the Long Form 2. This practice contains a great fascination. Today, in 2018, several hundred of our advanced T'ai Chi students are already practicing in this direction.

If you ask what characterizes our teaching, then these two pillars are to be named. In our family, as well as, and in our teaching circle of students, we see the Cheng Man Ch'ing tradition as our base. It seems most suitable for introducing T'ai Chi to beginners, to get to know T'ai Chi and for already benefiting from its manifold positiv effects. Since our study with Fu Zhong Wen in the early 1990s, unlike other teachers of the Cheng Man Ch'ing tradition, we perform the movements, among other things, with less deeply bent knees (see our T'ai Chi literature). This has proven itself helpful with regard to the practice by people of all ages.

The participants can stay with the short form and long form and deepen them in the appropriate courses, seminars, weekends as well as weekly groups.

If one wants to study the inner energetic performance, there are corresponding offers. They can be found under the name Long Form 2 (Lange Form 2) in our annual program.